I’ve had a lot to deal with lately. Apparently that means, I hold all my tension in my shoulders and neck. My wonderful husband got me a couple gift certificates for Venus Day Spa as a Valentines Day gift. Yes, I realize it’s August. I told you I’ve been slammed with life lately. Well. I finally got around to setting up an appointment and taking a day to relax.

Driving up there alone is in of itself sort of a bit of a treat. It’s just me, alone, with nothing but my random thoughts keeping me company. When I was younger, I used to use this time to blast all the ridiculous music I like, that just doesn’t work well when you have a family packed in the Minivan with you. My son affectionately refers to it as, “Mom’s Inappropriate Music”. I’ve found that as much as I enjoy music, sometimes I just also enjoy silence. Today was a silence day.

It’s done nothing but rain this summer. We had something ridiculous like 9 straight days of rain. I mean, it wasn’t just a little spritz here and there. It poured for days. We had ridiculous flooding. Something that never happens around here unless we are catching the tail end of a hurricane or something. Luckily for me, it wasn’t raining today, and aside from normal summer heat, it was a beautiful day.

I got to Venus about 10 minutes early. The girl took me back after a few minutes of sitting on the couch and I got to soak in the hot tub for about half an hour. This is by far my least favorite part of this experience. I’m a bigger girl, so getting in and out of the hot tub isn’t exactly easy for me, but once I get in there, it’s nice. I always turn up the heat and try to just enjoy myself. Again, it’s more time where it’s just me and my thoughts while I boil away in the communal fluid. I often wonder as I sit in there, how often if ever, that hot tub gets cleaned… and then I tell myself to just not worry about it. You raised two kids. You’ve done far worse than sit in a hot tub hundreds of other people have sat in.

After the soak, you are supposed to take off your bathing suit and put on a robe, except the robes are about big enough to fit a barbie, so I’ve learned to just figure something else out. Today, I wore a new dress I bought from Torrid. It was nice, big, and comfortable. I just slipped off my bathing suit…which was also from Torrid, dried off, put on my underpants and tossed my dress on.

Now, every time I do this, the massage therapist will almost always tell me that I could have put on a robe. I’ve learned to just politely explain to them, that the robes they provide are just not big enough. I’m clearly not their target customer, and I’m fine with that. I work around it.

I had a girl named Kira this time. I don’t think I ever had her before. She did a really great job at helping me relax. Sometimes I get girls that barely touch me, and sometimes I get the ones who think my muscles are made of granite and give me everything they’ve got. The latter of those two, sometimes I’m after. As much as it hurts getting it done, I know when they finish, my muscles got a good work out. Today I just wanted to de-stress and Kira did a great job at that. She was what I made a mental note of as a “medium”. I guess I rate my massage therapists like Goldilocks. Instead of porridge, or bed softness, it’s how much pressure they use when they rub me.

After an hour on the table, I downed the bottle of water they gave me, and headed out into town. Now, Bloomsburg is a really nice college town. My son, who is still technically in High School, goes to their University for classes, so I find myself up there a lot. He got me into playing Pokemon Go a few years ago, so I have to take advantage of the¬†plethora of gyms and stops available up there. Even after taking him up to class for an entire year, I barely have silver for most of the gym’s up there.

Ok, I know what you’re saying. Wait. You’re alone, driving around a town, playing Pokemon Go?!? Yes. I sort of cheat though. I don’t have to hold or look at my phone because I have a Pokemon Go Plus. It’s a little gadget that I wear on my wrist. It hooks up to my phone and when it see’s a Pokemon or Pokestop, it buzzes and I just push a button. It takes care of catching and spinning things for me. If I want to fight or get in a gym, I pull over and park.

Today I wasn’t really looking to go hardcore, but they recently added the ability to have friends and send them gifts. You can only hold 10 gifts in your inventory which is kind of a pain because it means I’m always looking to go out and spin stops to get more gifts. I figured while I was up there, I’d get some gifts and head home.

One of the things I do is instead of trying to turn left across two lanes of oncoming traffic, is I go around the fountain they have in the middle of town, wait at the red light for the cross street, and then head off down that street. While I was sitting there waiting for the light to turn green, I was sort of lost in my head space. I happened to look out the window and I notice that the fountain had formed it’s own little rainbow. I grabbed my phone, put the window down, and snapped a quick pic as the light turned green. It’s funny because when I got home, I realized that split second snap, was probably one of the best pictures I’ve taken in my whole life. It’s kind of amazing the quality of the pictures my Google Pixel 2 XL takes.


After I finished up spinning stops it was time to get my butt back home so I could take my son to band practice. Yes, even on “me” days, I still have other things that need to be taken care of. This is known as “The Mom Life”.

Once I got him dropped off at practice, I went home and made homemade chicken¬†tortellini soup because he hasn’t been feeling well. I’ll post the recipe to that another day.¬† I put all kinds of fresh veggies in it and even added a shredded zucchini because my garden has been exploding lately and I have them coming out of my ears! I don’t think he even noticed it was in there once the soup was finished. Win, Win!


My Trip To Bloomsburg Or My “Me” Day